Feathers For My Wings…

Thanks for joining me! This is where I bear my heart, stitched to my sleeves.

I tried howling at the moon, but only poetry came out.

Prophetic Ink
When I write or recite a poem, I am no longer the person I was before that. I become entirely anew, my physical essence comes undone and I am left bare

Poetry is necessary for me, it’s more than just a means to express myself. It’s also how I weigh myself in my spiritual journey – like the scales of Ma’at. At this point, my journey beckons me to share my heart with you. Here, my thoughts are as bare as a moon-lit night at a shore… and you may read my mind.

I have #HaikuForBreakfast every Monday. I have my free verse poems every alternating Thursday… and I post an article/opinion piece reflecting on my opinions, thoughts and experiences every alternating Saturday.

I’ve been a poet for a decade, and now I am exploring my own voice as a writer. I humbly come to you with two things; the throbbing heart of an empath, and the inquisitive mind of a philosopher. I promise to create works that pack a lot of emotional and intellectual content, as I speak from spirit to the soul.

I am a free spirit – one with the universe.
These are, my lo-fi poems.

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If It Isn’t Love

“When lovers hold hands their hearts intertwine, their fingers breathe the same breath… and exhale with every heart beat.” – Prophetic Ink

So the other day I came across someone’s post on Instagram… The post was a screenshot of a very skeptical tweet.

On the tweet, the person wrote about how loyalty is above love and that love is just a feeling. The person further claimed that it didn’t matter whether you’d love or hate them – just being loyal is what matters.

As soon as I was through that paragraph, I couldn’t wait to disagree. I had such strong emotions about it; that I realized that I’m undoubtedly an advocate for love. The whole thing made me ask questions about myself and my views on love… and as usual, I decided to probe deeper into the matter. I’m not nearly close to knowing everything about love, but I remember a few things.

In the context of this piece, love isn’t going to be just about romance, but also encompassing relationships of all kinds.

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Music is Soul Alchemy – A Token to Oliver Mtukudzi | Prophetic Ink

This piece is dedicated to uBaba Oliver Mtukudzi, who recently passed away, and all the music legends whom I have had the pleasure of listening to. And, this was actually written on the Wednesday that uBaba passed on. That same night I sat at my desk writing this, not knowing he has lost his life. The somberring news came to me on Thursday morning. May your spirit live on – in song.

Right now, I have in mind uBaba’s song; Ndakuvara.

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